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My first job as a group exercise instructor is my most memorable experience at they Y. It was the Core class and I was super nervous. I taught that class for 8 years and loved every minute of it! The members made it fantastic and fun! Not long before instructing that class I hated anything ab or core related – it  was so hard! I told myself that I had to “own” it. I began taking a core class. Not too long into taking it (and yes, it became much, much easier) the instructor told us she was moving to San Francisco and needed someone to teach the class. I marched right into the Group Exercise Coordinator’s office and applied. I was hired right then and there!

I’ve always loved helping people become more fit and healthy.  If I can help out families and their children I’m giving them the opportunity to become part of our Y family.  Someday they’ll remember how the Y was there for them, and they in turn will help out, give back, or become a member too. Thank you for considering a donation.