The Albany YMCA is a neighborhood facility with a local community feeling. We offer a great workout facility and numerous classes for youth, teens, adults and seniors. We also offer licensed child care for grades K-8 during the school year, and a variety of summer camps that address the interests of almost every child. Our volunteers raise funds each year to help us provide financial assistance to people who wish to participate in our programs but cannot afford the full cost. Our friendly staff are always available to help you and answer any questions you may have. Stop by or give us a call today.


 Albany YMCA Youth & Government 2014-2015

This program gives high school students an opportunity to experience democracy in action and is designed to foster a strong sense of civic responsibility. Students participating in the program meet weekly with their local delegation and travel to three conferences per school year.


Financial Assistance 14-15

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Mindful Meditation

Meditation offers us the opportunity to find silence and achieve stillness and calm in our busy fast paced lives. Please join us for a weekly class that will give you the tools and knowledge to bring this practice into your daily life. The meditation classes are grounded in the practice of Yoga which has the tradition of connecting body and mind. This class will be a combination of silent sitting and philosophical discussions.  Beginners and experienced practitioners welcome! Click here for more info.